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The diary

2016-05-03 12:29:33 by nomosubu


My latest work. Really... songs come from experience.

A review of the Behringer DD600

2016-04-21 06:12:33 by nomosubu

What the title said!

Do check out my new song!!!!!!

2016-04-03 23:32:23 by nomosubu

My new metal instrumental!

Fun Incident

2016-03-05 03:39:37 by nomosubu

Yesterday, i got a call from a "famous rapper". He was enquiring about recording, mixing and mastering some songs.... but the catch was, he asked me to do all 8 songs for free. Hey, i mean, it's cool you made songs and are "famous" (you won't believe the things he said haha), but the fact is, THIS IS MY JOB(it's not as easy as people think, trust me!) and i have bills to pay. EXPOSURE(a joke term these days) does not pay my bills. The money i earn from clients do! If you think its just pressing a few buttons on my computer and copy-pasting stuff (thats what he said), then you can probably do it yourself and I have no time to waste. I cut the call while he was still busy basking in self appraisal. #thuglyfe #musicproducerlife

PS: I'd even charge my grandfather if he wanted to record with me hahaha!!

New review video on youtube

2016-02-24 11:37:54 by nomosubu  


A review of the Bugera BC15 hybrid tube amp~


2016-02-02 12:14:33 by nomosubu

I am here with my very first review.... feedback would be appreciated!!

Tone Tutorial!

2016-01-17 05:52:30 by nomosubu

Wanna sound like slash from guns and roses??? nail that tone here!!!  


2016-01-06 02:25:12 by nomosubu

Any tips on getting a sound, relaxed sleep? sleep cycle is out of control !!!


2015-09-26 14:46:32 by nomosubu

Guys, a vlog on me fighting some bees... albiet in a hit and run  manner